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If you thought getting quality video was hard, time consuming and expensive … think again. We’re here to make it easy, fast and surprisingly affordable. We’ve systemised the approach – from working out what videos you need right through to the end result. Welcome to Rave for Good. Life (with video in it) may never be the same again!

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With a network of videographers nationwide, a system that makes it unbelievably easy and quality guarantee, we’re making it possible for every business to harness the power of video.


“Our vision is to change the world through positivity. Making a difference to our clients, your business and the world around us. Come rave with us!”


Business Story Videos

Tell a more powerful story and attract more customers Ever found it hard to explain what you do and who you are in a fast and compelling way? Too many words really can get in the way. With a Rave Business Intro video, we help you tell your story in 90 seconds or less in a compelling and engaging way. We help you work out the key messages and the story to be told, so you really don’t have to stress about it at all.

See example here.

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Testimonial Videos

Convert more salesIt's proven, people are more likely to buy if they have 'social proof' - which means simply that take reassurance from the positive experience of others.Rave Testimonial videos tell your story through your customers' eyes. Authentic, believable and convincing. Add to your website or in your proposals and watch your conversion metrics climb!We make all the arrangements, work out the questions to ask and take care of everything for you.

See example here:

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Educational Videos

Build your sales funnel with tips and interviews Video education is one the most effective ways to generate leads and set your company up as the experts in your field. The Rave Tip Series videos are simple to produce and feature 5 simple tips you want to share with your audience, making 5 short, sharp videos for your sales funnels… easy! Rave Interview Series features a series of 5 interviews with experts in your field. We set up the questions and the interviews. All you need to do is supply the guests!

See example Tip Series video here.

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Product Demo Videos

Demo your products The statistics tell it all...72% of customers would rather learn about a product or service by watching video than reading about it! The Rave Product Demo video will showcase how your product or service works, and make the benefits clear in one simple video. Easy to arrange, we help work it out for you. Surprisingly affordable to do.

See example here:

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Event Videos

Promote your event or workshop How do you show people what your workshop or event really looks like, and what people get out of it? Rave Workshop videos are ideal for any company which holds events and wants to showcase the experience for future participants. We work out the plan, come to your event, get the right footage and help put those bums on seats… every time.

See example here:

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Recruitment videos

Recruit ideal staff So you're growing and you need to build your team, but how do you attract the right people, tell them all about you, give a feel for your culture and tell them about the job - in a fast, easy and compelling way? The Rave Recruitment video does it all in one simple video. Email it to potential candidates, promote it through your channels. We can create a 'top and tail' version that you add new positions to as you grow too!

See example here:

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advertising videos

Advertising videos

Create advertising content that compels people to take action Do you want to get better paid advertising results or you're not getting the results you want? Maybe you wanted more leads, more engagement or you just want it faster! With Rave snippet videos, we help you promote your product or service in 30 seconds or less in a compelling and engaging way.

See example here:

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We're a buy one
give one company

Every video made with Rave for Good creates a giving impact in the world through global giving platform B1G1. We’re aligned to the UN 17 Sustainability Goals and here to see how big a difference we can make to important causes… just by doing a great job.

From Our Ravers

Our event sold out faster than ever before, we saw our reach skyrocket and we were able to reduce our ad spend to make this happen.

It’s been really straight forward, really easy. From briefing to reviewing. We’ve got some really slick looking videos to use on our website and social and we’re really happy with how they turned out.

In addition to this exemplary video, you have also given me the chance to give back and that just touches my heart.

The Rave Easy As Process

1. Strategy

We’ve found video works best if you build it into your business strategies, where it can enhance your results. So step one is to look at where video could really make a difference right across your business.

2. Programme

We’ll show you what videos would work best for you and you can pick your approach. Either one productions, or a programme of videos across a 12 month period. We even have payment plans to make it more accessible.

3. Briefing

We make it so easy to get your videos underway. Our systemized briefing process means minimal input from you. Gotta love that!

4. Production

You’ll be assigned your own production manager who takes care of all the logistics, books your videographer, arranges the shoot and timelines. You’re in good hands all the way!

5. Delivery

We use online software to host your video for viewing, you can make comments and share with your team and download directly when it’s ready. So Easy!!

6. Social Good

With every video made we create a social giving impact through B1G1 and we’ll let you know the difference your video has made to someone’s life.

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