We match company outcomes with videos that get results. And every video produced makes a positive difference in the world.

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Attract more

Use videos to attract prospects and future employees who love what you do!

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Add video to your webpages or through advertising to convert more leads

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Use videos in your marketing and advertising to sell more products and services. 

The Rave system is fast and easy

videographer creating authentic videos for clients


We manage the complete video production process and deliver your files upon approval. It's the easiest way to create videos ever!
Videos with great stories can be shared through your social channels like Instagram


We have an efficient production system that keeps costs down for you, making it possible for every business to take advantage of the power of video. 
We will make a free video for an important cause that will empower people like these kids in the photo


For every video purchased, we create a positive social impact of your choice. Helping to make a positive social impact on the planet. 

Rave Videos are 100% Quality Guaranteed

"It went seamlessly. I’ve got a day job and I don’t have time to manage all of  this process and worry about what has to happen first and all the rest of it. It happened really really fast, so it was just fantastic to hand over to someone who was really professional, really fast and again, got a great product."

Claire Massey, Owner of Yoga For The People. Wellington, NZ