Changing The World Through Positivity

Kids' photo empowered through social impact

If positivity makes the world go round, we're here to make it spin!

Imagine a world where every time someone raves about something positive, your brand or name is associated with a social impact happening. Marketing as a force for good. As it should be.

Rave for Good is a global social impact driven marketing agency.

Every day we find and share positive content with the world via our social media channels. Every time this content is shared a social impact happens in the world via our global giving partner B1G1. This could be giving a hungry child a meal, providing much needed education, planting a tree, vaccinating a stray dog, or giving a homeless person a hot drink.

How does it work?

Post and share positive content such as videos, photos, stories and memes. Tag your posts @rave4good or use #rave4good and encourage your friends to do the same. Every month we’ll track the number of shares and create the impacts via our global giving partner B1G1.

Why would you?

If like us, you’ve had enough of negativity, believe in the power of positivity and want to be part of something with the power to change the world... then you’ll love Rave for Good. Simply by sharing good vibes, you can make a massive difference to our planet.

Rave for Good for brands
If you have a business, organisation or personal brand and want to see your name associated with this great sharing/impact movement, you can join the Rave Social Club (just contact us to get set up). For a small monthly fee and a selected impact budget, you can choose your impact and watch your name go viral as the world shares positive content.

So whether you are an individual who wants to share the love, or a brand who wants to support global causes and reap the positive benefits of social impact marketing... join us and get sharing. 

Keep raving!

Paul & Laura, Chief Ravers