6 Ways Your Company Can Use Video

Video is a must for every business to include in their online marketing now.  You need videos on your website to drive SEO, you need it in your marketing to encourage engagement and you need it in your proposals to convert sales. Once you've accepted that you cannot avoid using video any longer... you then need a strategy for how you are going to use it to get a good return on investment. Here are 6 ways you could use video in your marketing right now to make a significant difference.

1. Introduce yourself

Try using a video on your homepage or on your social media pages that outlines what you do and what problem you solve for your customer in less than 90 seconds. You’ll find this is really effective.

2. Tell your story

Increasingly customers are keen to know everything about you as a business - your 'why', how you got started, what the owners feel and believe, what customers think and why they should want to buy from you.  Story videos bring your business alive for your customers and give them an emotional connection that words on a page simply cannot achieve.

3. Explainer videos

This type of video is used to help your audience better understand why they need your product or service.

Check the best one ever! https://youtu.be/ZUG9qYTJMsI

4. Showcase social proof (testimonials)

Get customers who love your product, service, or company on camera telling the world why they should buy from you. Video testimonials are more authentic and believable than words on-screen and it’s a fact that over 88% of people trust online reviews and recommendations more than adverts. 

5. Educate your audience

One of the most effective ways to show your company as a leader in your space — is for you or one of your team to share their own knowledge and educate your audience.  Educational videos also make great sales tools - and reasons for people to share their email address with you. Eg. Access this free 7 Tips video to learn more ....

Check out this one from Moz about SEO: https://youtu.be/9C2hbI3WBrw

6. Interview experts and spread the reach

You're probably already aware that great add value content can bring people into your world and build loyalty as well as drive leads.  One way to do this is to video Interview partners or influencers in your industry for thought leadership content to again, educate your audience. 

Video hasn’t only transformed how businesses market and consumers shop; it’s also revolutionized how salespeople connect with and convert prospects and how service teams support and delight customers.

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