Introducing our Roving Raver!

Around the world with stories of business as a force for good!

We're loving this video interview with Sheridan Jamieson and our very own Chief Raver, Paul. 

Paul gives a good summary of what we are about at Rave for Good - Changing the World through Positivity... getting people raving positively on video about products and services, and creating social impacts in the world as we go.

As Paul says, we do believe that businesses today have an obligation to be a force for good in the world, and if we can make a significant difference with every video we make... we feel like we're helping our clients be part of the movement.

We're also very excited to have Sheridan joining us as our Roving Raver. Sheridan will be travelling around Europe for six months, and as he goes he is looking out for businesses that have a social purpose built into their DNA. He'll be making videos for us as he goes and sending them back to Rave HQ... so watch this space to see what great things businesses are doing out there.

Just one more way to change the world through positivity!

Keep Raving!