Social Enterprise in UK is a $60 billion industry!

Roving Raver in UK & Europe - Video 1

Here's our Roving Raver, Sheridan Jamieson, raving on video about the HUGE $60 Billion Social Enterprise industry in the UK. Sheridan is travelling around UK and Europe and taking time to profile on video some businesses who have aligned themselves with doing good in the world.

He'll be sharing the video stories of the interesting impact businesses he comes across... which will make for great viewing for anyone who believes in the concept of 'business for good' as we do here at Rave for Good.

And of course, as with every Rave videos, for every video our Roving Raver makes, we will create a social impact in the world through B1G1. Sheridan has chosen to give a week's supply of hay to rescued animals through Edgar's Mission, a great charity which provides sanctuary to farm animals in need.

Keep raving Sheridan, we love your work!