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Case study – Yoga for the People

24 November 2019

The story of our very first video


At the end of 2018, before we even officially launched Rave for Good, we made our very first video for the team at Yoga for the People in Wellington. We are forever grateful that they trusted us while we were still testing the concept. We found the wonderful Luke, our first videographer, and put our trust in him to deliver the type of video we knew we wanted to be making. It was so much fun. Claire and Anjana at Yoga for the People were the best clients, and so easy to work with. Luke did us proud and we launched with confidence that we really could make great videos that people loved.

The joy of giving

Of course it was our first experience of how the making of a video giving back to the world, with our buy one give one model. The making of the Yoga for the People video provided one year of education for disadvantaged children in India through the Hope Foundation, and B1G1.

Client perspective

Here’s a little interview with Anjana, marketing manager and yoga instructor at Yoga for the People:

Why did you decide to do a video?

We had been wanting to create some videos for a long time of our students talking about why they come to YFTP, we just didn’t know where to go and how much to pay, so it was great that Rave for Good had a product that suited our needs exactly.

What did you want to achieve?

We wanted to share the story of YFTP and our students stories of why they practice with us and what the benefits of the yoga are.

How have you used the videos since?

We have added the videos to our website and have also shared them on our FB page. In addition we have run a couple of small paid FB ad campaigns to attract visitors to our website and ultimately to come and give us a go.

What results have you seen?

The results have been great, we got a big surge in visitors to our website

  • 8,000+ video views in two weeks
  • 130 click throughs to your pricing page
  • 30% of people watched more than 3 seconds of their video
  • $0.45 cost per click, well below the industry average of $1.90

Why do you think video is important for businesses to include in their strategies?

Videos are great because you can authentically communicate a message. There is no scripting/setup, it’s just real people telling real stories and this goes a long way when you are trying to sell a product/service!

If you’d like to add video to your business strategies but not sure where to start… get in touch with us. We’re here to make it easy to harness the power of video.

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