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Harnessing the power of video #2. In what ways can video help drive success in my business?


6 November 2019


Video is all about speed and effectiveness of communication. Getting your message across in a more compelling way, that is clearer, easier to understand and more engaging for the people you want to influence.

There are 3 most obvious ways to use video in your business fall into three key areas:

  1. Marketing & Sales
  2. Recruitment
  3. Training

Let’s take a quick look at each of these.


Successful selling is really about understanding your customer’s buying journey and knowing how to influence them in the right way at the right time. In the next section we’ll go through the buyer journey in step by step detail to show you how this works and how video can help.

Suffice to say, you can use video to accelerate the response you need from your prospect all the way through the journey – get noticed, tell a compelling story, explain what you do and provide social proof from other happy customers.


One of the things we are hearing all the time is that it is increasingly harder to recruit and keep the best team. It’s competitive out there. And the next generations coming through are looking for more than money and job security. They are career driven, confident and looking for opportunities to grow, learn and feel valued. You can offer that right? But how do you show your unique opportunity in a recruitment ad, in black and white, just like everyone else? You don’t! Use video instead. Emotive, compelling, clear and impactful.


Gone are the days of big manuals and lengthy guides. If you want to teach people who how to do things… show them a video. Let them see the process in action, film what you do, how you do it and how they can do it too.

Whether you are training staff on how to do things the way you really want them done, teaching them about your culture or your products… or on-boarding new customers… video is fast, effective and compelling.

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