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Harnessing the power of video #4. DIY or Professional?


10 November 2019


DIY Video
As you’ll know from your own social media feeds, EVERYONE is doing video. From teenagers to soccer mums to every other person on LinkedIn, filming themselves on their own phones. It is so EASY to create content, educate and build your reputation with video.

Fact. There is a place for DIY video in your business strategies.

If you are someone who is comfortable in front of the camera, or members of your team are, you can build content for your marketing yourself. The video cameras on today’s smart phones are quite amazing and can generate good looking videos without too much difficulty. You might want to add a microphone to ensure good sound quality and get a tripod to make sure its steady… and have some simple editing applications at your fingertips. It’s not hard and anyone with the time and inclination can do this. Many companies are doing this very well.

You can create videos as part of your education strategies (to create awareness), usually face to camera, or interviews. Really adding value into you social channels.

You can also create DIY videos for internal purposes, such as training videos. If you have a lot of content you want to create to help on-board your team or train them in specific practices in the business, it can be worthwhile for someone on your team to learn some basic filming and editing DIY techniques to enable this. There are plenty of courses, self help videos out there on how to this. But it does take time and dedication!

Professional video
DIY video is not appropriate for every aspect of your video strategy. It’s fine for some social content and internal trainings, if you have the time to commit to it. But when it comes to telling a compelling story of your business, or demonstrating your products, or creating client case studies, you really need your videos to look professional. People know the difference, and appreciate the role of each. You’re happy to see selfie videos of a person sharing a story or two but you also appreciate quality and will judge a company by the quality of its brand.

Fact. Quality video says something about your organisation. It showcases your professionalism.

It also enables you to show more as people will remain engaged for longer with a well produced video versus a DIY one.

As a general rule, choose to have your videos professionally made if they are:

  • Part of your brand awareness and image
  • Going on your website
  • Telling your brand story to the world
  • Demonstrating a product or launching a new product or service
  • Presenting a case study or testimonial for a client
  • Showcasing a workshop or event
  • Being used as part of your recruitment strategy

What should I pay for professional video?

Prices range depending on the type of video production company you work with. A larger video production agency will most likely be upwards of $5000 per video, and will have high production values and a more creative approach to their videos.

Freelance videographers will be much cheaper than an agency but you will have to be willing to spend more time briefing and managing them. They will typically charge by the hour, and quotes will quickly build up to allow for travel, shoots, editing, changes etc.

Rave for Good has a range of video products starting at $1,495, with package deals and monthly payment options. Each video product as a set fee, which includes strategy, content briefing and full project management.

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