Add value to your clients and your community with our partner programme

Everyone understands the value of video but creating and delivering high quality video content takes time and is expensive.

With Rave for Good on your side, you can deliver guaranteed quality video content to your clients and drive better results to their website and digital advertising campaigns!

What's in it for my clients

The short answer is a lot...but here are the key benefits

  • Discounted videos
  • Guaranteed high quality video content
  • Increased website conversions and leads
  • Increased advertising ROI with a lower CPC
  • Improved search rankings and SEO
  • Increased engagement and click-through rates
  • Cost effective video testimonials 
  • Easily align social purpose with their brand

Become an affiliate to add value to your clients with video
Make money and make a difference in the world by helping your clients

What's in it for me

Don't worry, we've got you covered too!

  • Piece of mind with our quality guarantee
  • 10% commission on any lead that turns to a sale
  • 20% commission on any sale you make
  • Add value to your clients
  • Add value to your existing products or services

Who can become a Partner?

Well anyone can!...but here’s a list of key providers we’re looking for.

  • Marketers
  • Web agencies
  • Influencers
  • Business networks
Become a rave for good partner and generate more value to your clients
Get 20% commission on all sales

How does it work?

We'll provide you with templates, graphics and a special code to share with your contacts and every time a new client purchases a video package we’ll pay you a commission and make a video for a cause in need for free. 

We take care of everything, so you just need to let us know who to talk to. And best of all, our process is quality controlled to guarantee your client gets what they expect so you don't have to worry. 

Introduce yourself and we'll send you more information

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